About Us

Unlike other postcodes, Altona is an Oasis beyond the harsh industrial elements of the city. A community disconnected from the hustle and bustle. Where you’re welcomed with open arms and it just feels right. It feels like home.

It’s where all types of people and business collide. Where time stops for a moment and you feel a sense of relief. You’re somewhere special. There’s space to park your car. Where friendly faces greet you. Where you’re free to be you. Free to walk. To explore. To take in the moment. To look. To be.

There’s something special about Altona. The more you get to know this wide open community with wide open arms, the more special it feels. There’s so much to discover. So many characters you’ll meet. So many corners to turn and paths to discover.

There’s a lot that makes Altona, Altona. And it’s the culmination of the individuals, the businesses and the spaces that make it special. When the locals start talking about what makes it special to them, it’s contagious. It opens doors to reimagine Altona. To discover (or re-discover) 3018 and all it has to offer.

This is Altona.

Our Committee

Ilch Mickovski


Ilch Mickovski is born and raised in Hobsons Bay with a true passion for business having founded ‘Eco Laundry Room’ which has now become the first laundrette franchise in Australia.

A balance of family life and business allows him to help contribute towards developing a greater Altona community.

Ilch is looking forward to working with a dynamic group of traders with a goal to see AVTA lead the way with innovative ideas while setting new trends beyond 2021.

Adrian Davey

Vice President

Adrian is a local hospitality business owner. Originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Adrian moved to Melbourne 10 years ago and quickly ended up in Altona with the draw of the beach and open spaces. Pursuing a life long dream of owning a community cafe, Adrian opened his first cafe in 2015 and opened Birdcage Altona Cafe in 2016.

A passionate local with a desire to raise his two kids, with wife Cath, in a strong, nurturing community.

Please feel free to reach out at vp@altona3018.com.au

Eric Mancini


Eric Mancini is a passionate business owner with a young family presently living in Seaholme. Born at Altona hospital in 1980, growing up in Hobsons Bay & always supporting the local community, Eric is a true believer of shopping local where he can. He loves the spirit that working and living in the West provides. “I feel so privileged to live and work in such a great community – we have everything at our door step”.

Sharon Walsh

Liason Officer

Sharon is currently AVTA’s Liaison Officer and has held this position for the past 15 years.

An Altona resident for the past 40 plus years, business owner, mother, grandmother, from a past local junior footy coach to Hobsons Bay Citizen of the Year and everything in between.

To work in an Association that strives to make Altona the best it can be, to raise a family and pass on the values of a community, to be involved with many community groups and clubs is an opportunity not everyone if afforded. There is no place like it and no other place I would rather be.

Upcoming Meetings

Monthly Meetings

  • Wednesday 10th March – Start time – 6pm
  • Wednesday 14th April – Start time – 6pm
  • Wednesday 12th May – Start time – 6pm
  • Wednesday 9th June – Start time – 6pm
  • Wednesday 14th July – Start time – 6pm
  • Wednesday 11th August – Start time – 6pm
  • Wednesday 8th September – Start time – 6pm


  • Wednesday 13th October – Start time – 6pm

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